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"Nostalgia is a
dirty liar
that insists things
were better
than they seemed."

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What I feel right now

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I believe in reincarnation. I believe in rebirth and afterlife. It is such a mystery how the circle of life continues and moves like a steering wheel. There’s a moment that life starts at rest and creates a motion, a brake, full stop and rest again. Back when I was a kid, I had the idea that death is something to be afraid of, to avoid it and that it’s really demonic or whatnot — this is how corrupted the minds of adults, injecting it to the innocent minds of the children. But, there’s something beautiful about death, not that I am necrophilic or whatever you call it, I believe that once the human body goes six feet underground, it nourishes the roots of the old trees and flourishes the ground into a grass bed. That’s my idea of reincarnation, not to punish but to make a two-way benefit from both nature that co-exist.

And as a kid back then, here’s what I thought of myself: if I die, I wanted to be reincarnated into a bird. I’ve always wanted to fly, to have my own wings and go to places. Birds chirp sounds that they dreamed of, just like me, I have a voice that can sing, such a shame I don’t use it that much. I’ve always wanted to be a bird, a bird that emancipates itself from a chaotic city and find shade under the mahogany tree. I think that’s the whole idea of reincarnation, rebirth and afterlife — to emancipate one’s self from the past.

Someday I’ll fly, someday I’ll soar, someday I’ll be so damn much -more.” (John Mayer)